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Lauren talking with a fan 10.25.13 +

Now that’s how being a role model is done.

the notes make me so happy <3

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Notes tho

People still find reasons not to like them and honestly this is the only thing they need to see to make all of those reasons instantly invalid. If you don’t think Fifth Harmony saves lives, here’s a good example of how they do.

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Well, now that I’ve been THOROUGHLY diagnosed by Tumblr, I think I’ll go stare at some pictures of naked people to hold over my need to have sex until I see my man and he can tie me up, scratch me, play with my breath, tug on my nipples til I cry out (for more), fuck me til it hurts, let me suck his cock, and drink his cum. Then he’ll kiss me.

(We both already shaved this morning.)

I know some into them all!!!

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